Ajrak Button down

Ajrak Button down

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Oversized button down shirt.

Handmade from repurposed scarfs.

The word Ajrak is derived from the Arabic word “Azrak” which means ‘blue’. It is usually block printed designs  on fabrics about 3 meters long in intense colours, mostly rich crimson and deep indigo with some white and black used to define the geometric symmetry in the design. Ajrak is more than just a piece of fabric for Sindhis, it is a symbol of pride for men as a turban or shawl; and respect and glory for women as Dupatta or drape. People from Sindh also present this beautiful craft as a gesture of hospitality to their guests. Ajrak is proudly used from cradle to the grave and any one wrapped and buried in Ajrak is considered honoured.  

Cotton/Poly blend